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What Drives Us

Our Mission

Scaleable, sustainable, consistently
managed agricultural assets.

Laguna Bay is a specific purpose funds group providing institutional investors with agricultural exposure.

Laguna Bay manages the evaluation, acquisition, development, and management of agricultural assets. Traditionally, institutional agricultural investment has struggled to achieve investment grade returns. This is primarily due to variability of return, issues relating to diversification & scale, and family farming cultural differences but is often the result of the institutions funding the wrong mangers paying too much for the wrong assets with the wrong incentives in place.

Our goal is to partner with institutional investors to add superior real inflation adjusted returns.

We feel strongly that non-financial real assets, being primarily represented by Agriculture, will comprise an increasing component of investment portfolios.

We partner with investors who understand the importance and unique benefits of agricultural investment, namely:

  • Strong Fundamentals
    Demand for land and soft commodities is being driven by several strong and real macro trends.
  • Stability
    Stable returns during times of uncertainty and recession.
  • Inflation Hedge
    Agricultural assets offer an excellent natural hedge against inflation.
  • Low correlation with other Asset classes
    Agricultural land has outperformed traditional asset classes over the long term.
  • Under-owned Asset class
    Farmland is an under-invested asset class due to difficulty in acquiring and successfully managing assets.