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What We Do Best

Our Business

Acquisition of Assets

Laguna Bay has a diverse range of contacts and a good reputation across the agricultural sphere, offering access to a proprietary deal flow of opportunities that are not otherwise available in the open market. We have an intelligent approach to the evaluation, structure and acquisition of assets while respecting and embracing the local specifics of vendors and managers.

Management of Assets

Laguna Bay provides a full service agricultural funds management vehicle, responsible for both asset and operational management. Our management techniques are scalable through a tight management hierarchy, employing the best and most progressive farm managers, and maintaining a stringent ongoing process of yield analysis, benchmarking, human capital management and strategy review.


We are a full service funds management group providing instituional investors professionally managed exposure to agricultural assets


We have developed a number of flexible strategies to effectively manage the complexities of the traditional family-based ownership structure of farms

Strategic Acquisition of Assets

Australia is recognised as one of the worlds largest and most stable food producers and we believe that Australian farmland is conservatively priced on a global farmland value comparison.

We follow a strict process in selecting assets to invest in.

  • Strategic selection of sector and geographical location.
  • Disciplined and structured farm, financial, environmental and legal due diligence on assets.
  • Conservative and considered financial modeling and budgeting based on local knowledge and backed up by independent third party verification.

We have also developed a number of flexible and non-traditional strategies to deal with the family based ownership complexities traditionally associated with the acquisition of agricultural enterprises.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Leaseback arrangements with vendors.
  • Vendor’s maintaining ownership/custodianship of the family homestead.
  • Offering employment opportunities for vendor’s family in Laguna Bay enterprises.

Sustainable & Profitable Management

Through research and the adoption of proven technology, we have and will continue to achieve superior yields and capital growth on assets under management.

We look after all aspects of the ongoing management of the operation of individual assets including:

  • Research and technology investment.
  • Plant and equipment.
  • Risk Management associated with climate/weather patterns.
  • Crop/pasture rotational plans.
  • OH&S and regulatory compliance.
  • Marketing including long term fixed price off-take agreements.
  • Best practice in environmental, social and governance
  • Recruitment and retention of the best available human resources.

Our track record of achieving exceptional yields will be further enhanced through our operational management strategy on additional aggregations of assets:

  • Analysis and conversion of suitable pasture land into grain production.
  • Sizable operating aggregations allow for optimisation of management, equipment and infrastructure costs.
  • Superior negotiation/bargaining power with suppliers and buyers.
  • Economies of scale.

We Stand Out From The Herd

We partner with investors who understand the importance and unique benefits of agricultural investment.

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Our Mission

Laguna Bay is a specific purpose funds management group designed to facilitate the investment in agriculture by institutional investors. We provide a much needed conduit between agricultural asset management and institutional investment markets.

Our People

Our team are a dynamic group of agribusiness, finance and property professionals with a strong track record of successful management of agricultural enterprises, and a firm knowledge of the investment objectives of institutional fund managers.

High Returns

Through farming methods that are scalable and sustainable, we have achieved verified returns on our properties that benchmarked in the top 10%.


We aim to maintain superior long term returns using sustainable farming techniques. We are conscious of both our social and environmental responsibilities and believe that this culture is both more sustainable and more profitable than traditional farming methods.