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Portfolio Manager

Mark is formerly the Manager of Strategy, Planning and Executive Projects at Hassad Australia (Qatar Government Sovereign Wealth Fund), one of Australia’s largest corporate Agriculture investments. In this role, Mark was responsible for preparing the company strategy, business plan and analysing all large capital investments within the company as well as external investment opportunities. He worked closely with the CEO and CFO on all aspects of the company, including analysis of business unit performance, financial reporting to the board and analytical support for the regional and farm managers.

In 2004, Mark and a business partner purchased a merino and prime lamb breeding business in Southern NSW. They leased two farms and mated 12,000 ewes per annum. Through careful planning and management, they were able to navigate through 4-5 years of drought.

Mark worked at one of Australia’s largest economics consulting firms, ACIL Tasman (now ACIL Allens), as the Agribusiness Practice Leader and Senior Consultant . During his decade long tenor, Mark grew the agribusiness practice revenue from less than A$0.5 million to A$1.5 million per annum, positioning the company as one of the leading agribusiness consulting firms in Australia.

As Partner and Farm Management Consultant at farm management consulting firm, Harden Agriculture Consultants, Mark initiated and implemented a A$1.0 million private equity raising for a large-scale family-owned farm using a convertible note. This placement lead to a turnaround of the business by allowing a retirement of some debt, a restructuring of the farm management team and investments in new technology that led to an increase in profitability. Mark also assisted with the growth of over 60 clients, providing advice on financial management, negotiating with banks, livestock production systems and marketing of all broadacre agricultural products including grains, wool, livestock and the use of financial risk management products.

Mark holds a Masters of Applied Finance from Charles Sturt University, a Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness Marketing/Management from Monash University and a Diploma in Farm Management from Marcus Oldham College.